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A net force of 150 lbs acts on a body whose weight is 96 lbs. What is its acceleration? Please indicate the formula used.

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    The equation to use is
    F = m * a, however, the mass must be in slugs, not pounds, if you are going to use British units. The force an be in pounds, and the value of a will be in ft/s^2.

    1 slug is the mass that is accelerated at a rate of ft/s^2 by a force of 1 pound. It equals 32.2 pounds

    An object with a weight of 96 lb (on earth) has a mass of
    M = 96/32.3 = 2.981 slugs

    a = F/m = 150/2.981 = 50.3 ft/s^2.

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    Thank you sir! :)

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