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I'll really appreciate some help.
1)Do you think it's possible and natural to say "the spokesman aims to explain the situation at a news conference" (meaning - is going to)?
2)Are the sentences correct? If yes, which is more natural: "the party's leader will be commenting on the situation this evening" or "the party's leader is commenting on the situation this evening"?
3)Is it natural to say "today in the evening"?
4)Is the sentence correct "They negotiated and signed a contract" or is it "conducted negotiations"?
5)Which is correct, to make or to do a report, to make or to do a document?
6)Do you think it's possible to say "I'll have done everything by your coming" or is it "by the time you come"?
Thank you very much for your great help.

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    1. yes

    2. It depends on what you mean. The first sentence is in future tense; the second, in present tense, happening now! Which do you intend?

    3. No -- "today" (refers to the current day when it's still light outside), but "in the evening" refers to the early part of the night. To put them together sounds strange.

    4. Either phrasing is fine.

    5. None of those. Here are some verbs for that concept: write, complete, submit ...

    6. The second phrasing is correct; the first is incorrect.

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