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1) When a mixture of potassium chlorate and an appropriate catalyst is heated in an open test tube, potassium chloride and oxygen gas are produced. This reaction is not reversible, because

a. the system reaches equilibrium
b. the reaction does not go to completion
c. the system is closed
d. the oxygen escapes

2) What happens to a reaction at equilibrium when a product concentration is decreased?

a. the reaction makes more products
b. the reaction makes more reactants
c. the reaction is unchanged
d. it is impossible to tell

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    Did you do the experiment with KClO3.What happened to the oxygen?

    Le Chatelier's Principle, stated a little differently than the esoteric manner in which it is portrayed in texts, is this:
    When a system in equilibrium is subjected to a stress,the reaction will try to undo what we've done to it. So if the PRODUCT is decreased, the reaction will try to ....

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