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Find the value of delta H net for the following equation:

SnBr2(s) + TiCl4(l) -> TiBr2(s) + SnCl4(l)

I know that I already posted this once but I am still lost on what to do.

I know that TiCl4=-804.2 and SnCl4=-511.3 but I thought that the values for SnBr2 is 0 as well as for TiBr2.

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    SnBr2 is not zero.
    TiBr2 is not zero.
    I don't know what they are but they aren't zero. The only DHf values that are zero are elements which appear in an equation in their normal state. O2(g), H2(g), etc.

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    How should I go about solving this problem? Am I missing information?

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