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Like the writers in the short story collection, Mori reveals his character's thoughts and feelings by providing dialogue, describing events, and showing how dialogue and action affect each other. Identify a character and quotation from one of the short stories and tell what the dialogue reveals about the character. Then identify a specific action and describe what that action reveals about the character. The story is "Abalone, Abalone, Abalone" by Toshio Mori.

What do they mean when they are asking for dialogue and an action that reveals something about the character? How do these things reveal something about the character?

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    The assignment is asking you to find the places where you learned about the main character through what he thought and said and did. That is, the author did not tell you directly that the character was fascinated by the collection of abalone shells, for example; the author lets you come to that conclusion by means of the character's thoughts in the 2nd paragraph of the story.

    So ...
    1. Choose one character to focus on.
    2. Choose the major traits and beliefs of that character (make a list of them).
    3. Choose places in the story that led you to believe those major traits and beliefs are true of that character.
    4. Overall, what do all these things say about this character?


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    Thank you so much for your help!

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    You're very welcome. Go get an A!!

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    I hope so! I'm at home with a UTI and I really just wanted to get this over with...Thanks again!

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