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Which compound is capable of donating a proton (H+)?
A. Acetic acid
B. Sodium hydroxide
C. Acetylene
D. Pentane
E. Cyclohexane

Which of the following statements is not true of a C-C triple bond?
A. Longer bond length than a C=C double bond.
B. 180 degree bond angles
C. Each carbon bonded to 2 other atoms
D. Prohibited bond rotation
E. Carbons are in linear geometry.

Which compound would have the highest boiling point?
A. 1-decyne
B. 1-propyne
C. 1-heptyne
D. 1-nonyne
E. 1-butyne

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    1. acetic acid will donate a proton. Acetylene will also but if you can pick only one answer go with acetic acid.
    2. What do you think, and why, for 2 and 3?

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    For 1- I didn't know what to put either acetic acid or acetylene.
    For 2- I think it's D but i think A also.
    For 3- I think it's B but butyne has a high boiling point to

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    #2. B, C, D and E are true. A is not true. The CtripleC is shorter.(stronger bond)
    #3. Here is a secret tip. Go to google, type in boiling point 1-decyne (and the other substances also) and look up the boiling point of each. The longer the chain and the higher the molar mass, the higher the boiling point. IM forces are more because there are more electrons present. 1-decyne must be correct but check it out.

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