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A patient has 0.050 L of blood drawn and this volume of blood has a mass of 55.0 g. What is the density of the blood? Answer with the correct number of sig figs

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    I assume you know density = mass/volume. Substitute, show your work, and tell me what you think.

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    right + wrong + wrong.
    Right digits. Wrong for no units. Wrong number of significant figures.
    I assume that is 55.0g/0.050L (which is why I wanted to see your work) = 1100; however, you are allowed only 2 significant figures (from the 0.050); therefore, the answer must be 1.1E3 g/L.
    If you want to do it in g/mL, it is 55.0g/50 mL = 1.1 g/mL

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