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Read the social studies article about the gold rush below. Then list the prepositional phrases on the lines. Underline the object of the preposition in each phrase

In 1849, gold was discovered at Sutter's Mill in California. Thousands of settlers headed west. They left with everything they owned. They traveled in wagon trains on the Oregon Trail. The pioneers were looking for wealth. They started new lives in towns throughout the West.

How many prepositional phrases can you find?
I found 8. Is there less or more?

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    I found 10 prepositional phrases.

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    These are the ones I found
    1.at Sutter's Mill
    2.in California
    3.of settlers
    4.with everything they owned
    5.in wagon trains
    6.on the Oregon Trail
    7.for wealth
    8.in towns

    Are these correct so far?

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    4. The phrase is only "with everything."

    I used to have my students put parentheses around each prepositional phrase. That helps you see them clearly.

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    Is In 1849,gold a prepositional phrase?
    Cause In is a preposition

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    The phrase is just "in 1849."

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    Is throughout the West a prepostional phrase?

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