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How would learning how to solve logical problems, help you in your real life?

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    Depends what your "real life" is like

    How does reading a good book help you in real life?
    How does playing a game of golf help you in real life?
    How does listening to Mozart help you in real life ?
    How does doing a cross-word puzzle help you in real life ?
    How does listening to your mp3 players help you in real life ?
    How does solving a tough math problem help you in real life ?

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    Actually, it doesn't necessarily depend what your so-called real life is like.

    Real life is real life, believe it or not. Oh my god. So confusing. Not.

    Sorry to be so blunt.

    So back to the question. It could help you solve problems that could actually occur to you, like complex interest equations can help you save money. It's like having an inside look at your life. You can know exactly what to do in certain situations.

    Hope it answers your question. If not, I'm sorry.


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