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An unintended consequence of World War II was the creation of the nation of Israel in order to
A. Provide a buffer zone between the West and Communist East.
B. Establish a Jewish homeland.
C. Create a refuge for Germans who lost their homes during World War II.
D. Give Great Britain another colony.
I think it is C.

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    Please read your text!

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    I think if they lived in israel they would speak jewish so then it might be answer B.

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    Yes, Israel was established to create a homeland for the remaining Jews after the Holocaust. Their language is Hebrew, not "Jewish."

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    thank you

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    You're welcome.

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    I have become far too old.

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    why do you say that lol

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    No one my age would ask that question. Even if not Jewish, the Holocaust and its aftermath are seared into our memories.

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