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A tennis ball is thrown horizontally from an elevation of 20.60 m above the ground with a speed of 21.0 m/s

vertical m from ground???

f the ball is still in the air, how long before it hits the ground? (If the ball is not in the air, enter 0.)????

If the ball is still in the air, where will it be with respect to the starting point once it lands???

Please helppp


    a. h = Vo*t + 0.5g*t^2 = 20.6 m.
    0 + 4.9t^2 = 20.6,
    t^2 = 4.20,
    Tf = 2.05 s. = Time to fall to ground.

    b. Dx = Xo * Tf,
    Dx = 21m/s * 2.05s = 43.05 m.

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