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which value is the closest to 1/9.24/25
a. 0
b. 0.5
c. 1
d. 21/20

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    It is indeed "intense" if I can't figure out what you mean.

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    well my computer don't have the symbol i need. let my put it in words then one ninth times 24 over 25

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    (1/9) * (24/25) = 24/225 = 0.10666

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    thank you sue

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    You're welcome. Your question was clear when you put it into words.

    Please note the way we write such a problem on the computer.

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    Notice that you do not really need to do any calculating. I suspect that this is an exercise in estimation.
    24/25 is just about one
    so the answer is about 1/9
    which is close to 1/10
    so we are really talking about something around 0.1
    which is a lot closer to zero than it is to the other choices.

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