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1) Which of the following molecular solids will exhibit dipole-dipole intermolecular forces: NH3, BF3, I2 and H2S?

a) NH3, and H2S (correct)
b) NH3, BF3, and H2S (BF3 has polar bonds, but is a nonpolar molecule)
c) I2 only
d) BF3 and I2
e) NH3, BF3, I2 and H2S

I think that either answer B or E is correct, im just not sure about I2. Please help!!

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    Hannah, I don't now how to answer this.
    NH3, BF3 and H2S are gases at normal temperature. I2 is the only solid listed.

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    It's A because NH3 and H2S are the only ones that have lone pairs and that means they are polar. BF3 have no lone pair so it's nonpolar and I2 is nonpolar so dipole-dipole intermolecular forces are between polar molecules

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