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2nd Semester

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2nd Semester begins tomorrow and I won't be having art anymore I'm having facs. So is there any useful tips you teachers would like to give me to get me a head start next semester. there are tons of things next semester passport day at my school, exams, fun events, MORE homework, and much more. Plus my dad doesn't want me to have lunch for an hour and he wanted me to have spanish beg. 1 since I don't have it this year (couldn't fit in my schedule).

I'm started a fresh new start next semester.

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    My best advice is to be sure to read all assignments carefully. In fact, it's useful to read each assignment three times. The first time you skim to see what the assignment is about. The second time, read it slowly and carefully to note the details. The third time is to review the material.

    Good luck!

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    More advice: Pay very close attention in class. Ask questions if you don't understand something.

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    Thank You Ms. Sue!

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    You're welcome, Laruen.

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