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A chemist is asked to make 10 liters of a a35% solution. She has only a 10% solution and a 50% solution to work with. how much of each solution must she mix to ge 10 liters of the 35% solution?


    Using a double equation system;Let x be the 10% soln,so y is the 50% soln
    Vol.Eqn1: x+y = 10L, then
    Volx[conc]Eqn2:0.1x+0.5y= 0.35(10)
    Eqn2-(Eqn1x0.5) gives xL
    Therefore: 0.1x + 0.5y = 3.5
    -0.5x + 0.5y = 5.0
    -0.4x =-1.5
    x = 1.5/0.4L= 3.75L
    Therefore y is 10-3.75=6.25L of 50%soln

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