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i need your help on my homework i need to check grammar and spelling in my American Sign language Paper can you help me with it.

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    Before posting your paper here, make sure you have done major revision and proofreading yourself. I won't read someone's rough draft -- or sometimes even the 2nd or 3rd draft if they're still very rough.

    Please go over your paper with the following in mind. Thanks to PsyDAG for the following:

    In the future, if nobody is available to proofread your work, you can do this yourself. After writing your material, put it aside for a day — at least several hours. (This breaks mental sets you might have that keep you from noticing problems.) Then read it aloud as if you were reading someone else's work. (Reading aloud slows down your reading, so you are less likely to skip over problems.)

    (You can also either read it aloud to someone else or have someone else read it aloud to you! The latter works really well!)

    If your reading goes smoothly, that is fine. However, wherever you "stumble" in your reading, other people are likely to have a problem in reading your material. Those "stumbles" indicate areas that need revising.

    Once you have made your revisions, repeat the process above. Good papers often require many drafts.


    And here are some really good websites that will help, too:

  • American Sign Language -

    This is the paper i am doing and need the Spelling and grammar to be check please help me and thanks.

    American Sign Language

    This brochure was very helpful to me. Because it helps me understand more about Sign Language and know the importance of it and how to use it. I learn that American Sign Language is a visual gestural language creates by deaf people. The units of American Sign Language are composed of specific movements and shapes of the hands and arms, eyes, face, head and body posture. For deaf people movements and gestures, serve as the words and intonation of the language. Sign Language people use body movements instead of sounds, listeners or receiver's use their eyes instead of their ears to understand what is being said. I was very surprise to find out that Sign Language came from different colonies such as Chinese, French, Danish, Taiwanese and others. Deaf people create Sign Language to effectively communicate with each other. Language does not have to be vocal or auditory because deaf people do not have to use sounds. Because deaf people can't hear and therefore they cannot effectively use a language composed of sounds, they have to use a different kind of language that is better suited to their communicative needs a visual gestural language. Deaf people in Spanish colony used Spanish Sign Language and others in an English colony used British Sign Language. Most people who are deaf have two hearing parents. Deaf people learn about their own culture and share their experiences with each other through Sign Language. Only few hearing people know Sign Language and there are also deaf people who do not know American Sign Language. In America deaf people suddenly started learning and using French Sign Language in 1817, and they did not have any language before the time. George W. Veditz, a deaf teacher who became the president of the National Association of the Deaf in 1904 said that “As long as we have Deaf people, we will have Sign Language.”

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    Please follow Writeacher's advice.

    In your first sentence, name the brochure.

    Your second "sentence" is incomplete.

    Your third sentence you have two verb errors.

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    I need help for how to sign my 2 sentences in ASL. can you please help me?
    here are my 2 sentences:

    1. I have been noticing that on bus or trolley young people are not courteous to give up her/ his seat to older people.

    2. I had an idle chichat with my aunt about politics I was so annoyed that I left the house

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