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During the age of imperialism, European nations genuinely believed that their civilization was superior to those of Africa and Asia. Their goal was to bring the benefits of their civilization to the indigenous people in these areas. However, people in Africa and Asia had a different perspective. They saw imperialism
A. As a loss of independence and a disruption to their way of life.
B. As a chance to obtain more foreign made goods.
C. As a way to encourage economic development.
D. As a way to build new countries based upon ethnic solidarity.
I think it is C.

  1. anonymous

    can someone tell me i this is right because I have a time that my answers have to be turned in by and this is the only one im stuck on thanks

  2. Writeacher

    I disagree with your choice.

  3. anonymous

    it is A.

  4. anonymous

    is it A because that sounds like it follows the question

  5. Writeacher

    A is correct.

  6. anonymous

    thank you

  7. Writeacher

    You're welcome.

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