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Physics (Wave Force)

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An archer must exert a force of 445 N on the bowstring shown in Figure (a) such that the string makes an angle of è = 34.0° with the vertical.

(a) Determine the tension in the bowstring.
My answer was 420.525, but it is within 10% of the correct value.

I used Newton's 2nd Law and derived @:


***Please help! What am I doing wrong?

  • Physics (Wave Force) -

    Your formula is correct but should yield 398 N for the tension. You made a computational error somewhere.
    Also, it is simply a statement of force equilibrium, not Newton's second law. Finally, it has nothing to do with Waves, as your subject title implies.

  • Physics (Wave Force) -

    Yes, 2 T sin 34 = F = 445
    T = 445 /(2 sin 34)
    T = 398 N

    Your calculator does not agree with mine.

  • Physics (Wave Force) -

    Thank you so much!

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