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Science 7R - Homework Check

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1. List 4 reasons biologists use scientific names instead of common names in their communications.


1. Scientific names help scientists aviod errors in communication.
2. Organisms with similar evolutionary histories are classified together,
3. The scientific names give desciptive information about the species.
4. The scientific names allow information about organisms to be organized and found easily and efficiently.

Am I correct???
BTW: I got the answers from my textbook. Tonight for homework we were assign to read a section in our text book (201-203) and answer 3 questions.

  • Science 7R - Homework Check -

    Yes, those are right! I'm glad you read your text book!!! :-)

  • Science 7R - Homework Check -

    Wow I'm surpise you answer that in 1 minute. Congrats! :)

    Thank You! :)
    PS: What I read in my textbook was really interesting! :)

  • Science 7R - Homework Check -

    You're welcome. :-)

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