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What is the first step. Explain please.

Which expression is equivalent to cos^2x + cot^2x + sin2^x?

a) 2csc^2x
b) tan^2x
c) cot^2x
d) csc^2x

cos^2x + cot^2x + sin2^x

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    1 + cot^2 x
    1 + cos^2 x/sin^2 x

    sin^2 x/sin^2 x + cos^2 x/sin^2 x

    1/sin^2 x

    csc^2 x d)

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    How did you get 1 + cot^2 x?

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    cos^2 x + sin^2 x = 1
    That should be part of your soul !

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    Thank you~ T.T my school is fast paced, I am trying to keep up...

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