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I left out the following sentences. Can you please have a look at them?

1) The man on the left is wearing a green-and-white kilt, a short-sleeved shirt and a pair of knee-high socks. He is carrying a very high and heavy log (not trunk) with both hands. His clothes are very impractical for his job (task).
2) There were three of them in the boat: Ishamel, Xury and himself.
He got onto/climbed onto the ship
Robinson told the captain that he had been made a slave (and not: on/about how he had been made a slave).
3) On the first eight days they had luck with the weather.
The woman is wearing a red flowing sari and is holding a book in her left hand.
4) The boy looks very scruffy. He is wearing a long, baggy two-colour checked shirt and a pair of pointed (?) shoes.
5) He has a long forelock (wisp) which covers his eyes. He is sticking his hands in his pockets.
6) The woman is wearing a low-necked two-tone polka-dot dress, a large blue (sugar cane blue?) boater (straw hat) on her head and a pair of stilettos.
7) She looks very happy and has got a smiling face. The man is wearing sun glasses on her head (???), a half button-up shirt with a collar and elegant blue corduroy trousers.

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