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I urgently need you to check these sentences, please. Thank you.

1) We are going to fix the exact number of both teachers and students to be involved in the project as well as the number of mobilities during our preliminary meeting on Friday 27.
That's why we rely on your cooperation.
2) Our students could exchange email to one another and eventually meet (one another) on a student's swap (exchange?)/be involved in a student's exchange.
3) Despite his father's warning he decides to get (set sail is possible?) on his friend's ship bound for/headed to (are both possible?) London.
4)They managed to get on a boat and save their life (lives/themselves: are they possible?)
5) The pirate ship's captain enslaved him (made him his slave). Robinson was his slave for two years.

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    1. I still have no idea what is meant by "mobilities."

    2. "... exchange email with each other... and be involved in a student exchange program."

    3. It's fine and the alternatives would work, too.

    4. ... save their lives (or ... save themselves)

    5. OK

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