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A preposition relates a noun or pronoun to another word in a sentence.

A prepositional phrase begins with a preposition and ends with a noun or pronoun.

Pick the prepositional phrase for each sentence
1. A young boy was frail and small for his age.
Answer:for his age

2. His parents thought working at a sport would make him stronger.
Answer: at a sport

3. The boy and his parents talked about sports he might enjoy,
Answer:about sports

4. The young boy quickly decided on ice skating.
Answer:on ice skating

5. In a short time, everyone knew it was a good decision.
Answer:In a short time

All correct?

  1. Ms. Sue

    All are correct! :-)

  2. Andrew

    Pick the preposition in each sentence. Then draw an arrow from the preposition to the noun that is the object of the preposition.

    6. The boy skated very well from the beginning.
    Answer:from is P and beginning is noun

    7. He skated confidently around the rink.
    Answer: around is P and rink is noun

    8. After a while, the boy took ice-skating lessons.
    Answer: after is P and while is noun

    9. Over the years, he became a better and better skater.
    Answer: Over is P and years is noun

    10. He entered ice-skating competitions against excellent skaters.
    Answer: against is P and skaters is noun

    11. DUring his childhood, he won many awards and titles.
    Answer: During is P and childhood is noun

    12. The young boy grew into a strong young man.
    Answer: into is P and man is noun

    13. Then he began working toward a special goal.
    Answer: began is P and working is noun

    14. He dreamed of the Olympic games, and he reached his goal.
    Answer: of is P and Olympic is noun

    15. He represented America proudly at the Olympics and won a gold medal.
    Answer: at is P and Olympics is noun

  3. Ms. Sue

    Yay! 14 of the 15 are correct.

    13 is wrong.

  4. Andrew

    Is the preposition right and the noun is wrong?

  5. Ms. Sue

    Both are wrong.

  6. Andrew

    Is the preposition then?

  7. Andrew

    Goal is noun?

  8. Ms. Sue

    Goal is the object (noun) of the preposition. But "then" is not a preposition.


  9. Andrew

    Toward is preposition and Goal is noun? :)

  10. Ms. Sue

    Yay! You've got it! :-)

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