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how does an elevation map help me learn about geography?

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    What does an elevation map show?

    I'll be glad to discuss your answer with you.

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    an elevation map shows you how high the land is above the sea

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    i need help

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    Yes. An elevation map shows hills, mountains and valleys.

    Those are geographic features.

    Wouldn't you like an elevation map if you were going to hike or ride your bike in an unfamiliar area?

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    the infrastrutures of many cities in the region

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    ms.sue since an elevation map shows how high the land is above the sea how does that even help me learn about geography.

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    Here's a definition of geography:

    "study of the earth''s surface; includes people''s responses to topography and climate and soil and vegetation"

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    ms.sue where are you

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    thank you ms.sue

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    but this is in my text book ms.sue

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    You're welcome.

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