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Hey guys! I was hoping that someone could look over my answers & help me out with the ones I didn't get? Thanks :)

Directions: Identify the subordinate clause. Tell whether it is a noun, adj, or adv. clause. Indicate whether it's introduced by a relative pronoun, subordinating conjunction, or neither.

1. We moved because our house was too small.

Subordinate clause: because our house was too small
Type: Adverb clause
Introduced by: ?

2. A tree surgeon removed the branches that were dead.

Subordinate clause: that were dead
Type: adjective
Introduced by: ?

3. Why anyone should believe this rumor is a mystery to me.

Subordinate clause: Why anyone should believe this rumor
Type: adjective
Introduced by: ?

4. This is a book the children enjoyed.

Subordinate clause: the children enjoyed
Type: Noun
Introduced by: ?

5. The men quit work when the whistle blew.

Subordinate clause: when the whistle blew
Type: adjective
Introduced by: ?

Thanks again for your help! If you could help me with the 3rd part of each question, that would be great! Thanks! :)

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