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Thank you very, very much. Here are some more sentences on the summary of Orwell's 1984. I referred to the websites you suggested to me.

1)The novel describes a future England, Airstrip One, no longer the head of an Empire, but an outpost of Oceania, a vast totalitarian system including North America, South Africa, and Australia.
2) The country is ruled by the Party, which is led by a figure called Big Brother. The work is divided into three parts.Part One introduces the main character, Winston Smith, in the context of a regimented (?), oppressive world.
3) Winston lives a squalid existence in a one-room apartment in "Victory Mansions", and eats black bread, synthetic meals, and drinks industrial-grade "Victory Gin."
4) He is discontent with his lifestyle, and keeps a diary of his negative thoughts and opinions about the Party. Winston knows that if his journal is found, he will be tortured and executed by the Thought Police.
5) The Thought Police have telescreens in every household and public area, as well as hidden microphones and spies in order to catch potential thought criminals who could endanger the sanctity of the Party.

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    Please choose a maximum of 5 sentences out of this post and the next.

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