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I have to write an essay over society's biggest problem. It says:
" In our society we face a number of problems, such as crime, poverty, and pollution. What do you think is the biggest problem we face in our society today, and why is it a serious issue?Write an essay explaining the issue or problem you have chosen and why is it having such a negative effect on our society?"

W hat is a good but bad problem with our society? How should I phrase it? Could you pick one and write a sample sentence for me, I would really appreciate it? Thank You.

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    This assignment is to help YOU think about our society.

    I'll be glad to comment on your answer.

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    What about murder?

    "Murder is a very serious crime. There a several homicides that happen everyday. Some are because they want payback ,but many are gangs, and users. Especially in my are there are several homeless people, gangs, and people who do drugs, because of this factor and drugs being illegal, there are more murders." How does that sound?

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    Now you're thinking.

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    so that sounds okay? I just don't want to screw t up......

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    It's fine. :-)

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    Thank You!!!!!

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    You're welcome.

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