12th Grade Calculus

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how will you multiply

y = ae^3x + be^-2x with dy/dx = 3ae^3x - 2be^-2x

  • 12th Grade Calculus -

    you are taking Calculus and ask how to multiply

    (ae^(3x) + be^(-2x))(3ae^(3x) - 2be^(-2x) ) ??

    = 3a^2 e^(6x) - 2ab + 3ab - 2b^2 e^(-4x)
    = 3a^2 e^(6x) + ab - 2b^2 e^(-4x)

  • 12th Grade Calculus -

    Reiny...Just because Akash is in Calculus doensn't mean he/she cant ask how to multiply. U don't even know him/her so don't be judging!

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