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I am doing a university application form where I am asked questions it asks:

*Why are you interested in this program? (100 words or less)

I applied for Biological Sciences-Major Human Biology.

My question is, would it be ok if I talked about the major instead of general because biological sciences first year is basic science then in second year we choose our major.

How should I start my sentence?

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    You could say,

    I'm interested in the biological sciences because . . .

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    You could say something like "If I do this program I think I could acheive......."

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    Would this be right ><

    Biological Sciences offers wide range of majors. I am interested in this program because Human Biology is one of the major that I am interested in.

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    Yes, as long as it feels right to you. Good luck!!!!!

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    You haven't said a thing, Anita. Why are you interested in human biology? What do you plan to do with a degree in this field?

    In addition, you have grammatical errors:

    Biological sciences OFFER A wide range of majors.

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    Yeah. Anita, you could say that but also add why are you interested in that. I'm interested in writing. If someone asked me why, I would say "Because it is a part of who I am. I love to write, I let out anger and sadness in poems. I write stories because I like to entertain people. I also like to read." Tell them why you are interested.

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