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An aqaurium is 80cm long, 40cm wide, and 40cm high. What is its volume?
I got 128,000cm3

One cubic centimeter (cm3) holds 1 milliliter of water. 1,000 cm3 hold 1 liter. How many mL will the tank in problem 6 hold? How many liters?

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    Use this website to check your math:

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    Yes, the answer is 128,000 cm^3 or ml.

    A milliliter and a cubic centimeter are the same thing. Both are volume units, and apply to any fluid...not just water.

    Divide by 1000 for the number of liters.

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    Is problem 6 wrong?

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    How do I find out how many liters are there?

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    drwls told you the answer.

    easier way, (the beauty of the metric system)

    original is 80 cm by 40 cm by 40 cm
    = 8 dm by 4 dm by 4 dm
    volume = 128 dm^3
    = 128 L , since 1 L = 1 dm^3 of liquid

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    Oh I get how to get the Liters now cause 128x1000=128000 from problem 6
    How about mL?

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