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How do you think immigration of some ethnic groups has affected their risk of obesity and other chronic diseases? What intervention do you think can help to reduce obesity in children?

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    To which immigrants are you referring?

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    any immigrants its a general question

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    just immigration in general

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    It's too broad to be answered without more information. Some immigrants are accustomed to eating fatty and starchy foods. Some immigrants are very poor and have poor diets. Providing families with low fat and nourishing diets will help the children avoid obesity.

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    well i believe Spanish groups are at risk of obesity than any other ethnic group because they prepare big meals and eat a lot of meals a day....what do you think?

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    I disagree. Spain ranks 12th behind the U.S. in obesity.

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    well what about mexico?? i read that latin cultures are 3rd in the obesity ranking....

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    (Broken Link Removed)

    This book presents lots of research into various ethnicities over a long span of time, looking at obesity and what commonalities there are among different groups of people (some who have a high rate of obesity and some who do not). It's all very interesting.

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