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16.72g of sodium acetate trihydride (MW=136 g/mol) is dissolved in 100mL water. To this, 4.00g glacial acetic acid (Ka=2.2x10-5, MW=60.0 g/mol) is added, and distilled water is added to to the 500mL mark. Find the final pH and the molar concentration of the buffer.

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    What's wrong with using the Henderson-Hasselbalch equation.
    By the way, you mean sodium acetate trihydrate
    16.72g/molar mass = moles
    moles/L = M (the volume you want to use is 0.5L (and not the 100 ml).

    4.00g/molar mass
    moles /L = M (again use 0.5L for final volume an not some other number).
    Then pH = pKa + log (base/acid)

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