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This is on demonstrative adjectives and are fill in the blanks.

____ pantolones son bonitos y el precio no es muy alto. Si, las dos cosas son geniales. Tambien me gustan ____ sueteres que estan cerca de ti. ?De que talla es _____ sueter negro, el de solo un color?

  • spanish -

    I'll email this to SraJMcGin. In the meantime, please post what you think are the answers.

  • spanish -

    I need to know WHO is telling the story:
    "my" = mi, mis
    "your (familiar singular" = tu, tus
    his = su, sus
    her = su, sus
    your (formal, singular) = su, sus
    our = nuestro/nuestra/nuestros/nuestras
    your (familiar plural) = vuestro/vuestra/vuestros/vuestras
    their = su, sus
    your (formal, plural) = su, sus

    In other words, I need ALL the instructions and/or a model (if there is one).


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