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A skunk is an omnivore because it-

A. feeds on insects, mice, berries, and nuts

B. can be eaten by hawks and owls

C. break down dead animals

D. is able to make its own food


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    Skunks are omnivores , because I saw a skunk diging through a garbag bin and I saw the skunk eating meat scraps and pieces of some left over banana inside the peel.

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    A. is correct.

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    A is correct ;)

    because they eat fruits they find and insects.

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    Chlorophyll has the ability to-

    A. transport sugars
    B. protect the cell from the Sun
    C. absorb and trap light energy
    D. control moisture

    I know Cholotophyll is what makes the leaves its color but which one is it from the choices? I don't think it's A or D
    Is the answer B or C?

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    I think it's C

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    I agree.

    It's C.

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