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Which of the following sentences contains a verb in the simple past tense?

A. I was working overtime for about six months.
B. We helped Joan to pack her things.
C. She would like to join us.
D. Jenna has driven this route multiple times.

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    ans is b.

    helped is a verb with past tense

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    Yes, "helped" is the "simple past" answer. "Was working" would be the equivalent of "past progressive" or (in Spanish) the imperfect tense.

    Both refer to the past.

    "would like" is conditional
    "has driven" is present perfect.

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    Which word is an adjective? Jason's sturdy ship sailed bravely across the wine-dark sea.

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    B.We helped Joan to pack her things.

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    Answer is B

    because like is a past tense which is followed by would.

    On the other hand. pack isn't the correct tense because helped is past tense

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    Which sentence uses the irregular verb see correctly

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