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Would someone like to help me with these questions?

Steps appreciated~

1. If the diameter of a monster truck tire is 3.5 m and it makes one rotation every 5 seconds, how far does the tire
roll in 1 minute?
2. At t=0 a car is due 2 km north of you heading west moving 13 km/s after 1.5s. What is the angle in radians between you and the car from where the car was at t=0?

a) 2.306 rads
b) 0.9475 rads
c) 2.936 rads
d) 1.468 rads

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    1) 23, sorry i don't know the other one :(

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    Please ignore all answers and posts of kk-gothgirl-kk.

    1. pi*D*(60/5 revolutions) = 131.9 meters

    2. Check your problem statement again. No car can travel 13 km/s. That is more like the velocity of a launched rocket. If you meant 13 m/s, the car would only move 19.5 m in 1.5 s, and the angular displacement would be smaller than any of your choices.

    My guess is that you copied both the speed and time dimensions wrong.

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    Thanks Drwls!

    For 1, I got the same answer however, the book says 263.89 m

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    okay , i must say i thought it said how many times does it turn. if it was what i thought it was then my answer would have been correct. it was not therefore it was wrong. i take responsibility. IT WAS JUST A FRIGGIN MISTAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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