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How does sensation and perception affect learning?

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    perception (the way a person thinks) and the senses (hearing, sight, taste, touch, and smell) effect learning through the interpretation of the input. example. a blind person can not learn to read a standard book. and thus must learn to read Braille. the brain adapts to the sensory input it receives different parts of the brain develop for different senses. and touch is separated by body parts. learning can be affected by many variable with in the environment if a person can not hear due to a loud noice competeing with the verbal instructions of the instructor,then he can not think about the instructions given. mental health can also effect the way a person thinks thus altering the perseption example Depression can change the way a person thinks resulting in low acheivement but not necessarily inteligence. The perception of the individual instructor can effect learning also. Bias is a big hinderance to learning.

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