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Angel of Elevation: You are skiing down a mountain with a vertical height of 1500 feet. The distance from the top of the mountain to the base is 3000 feet. What is the angle of elevation from the base to the top of the mountain? Traveling at 25 miles per hour, how long does it take you to get to the base of the mountain(in seconds)? [HINT: Time=distance/speed]

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    I assume the 3000 feet is the distance from the top of the mountain down the slope. So the angle sin x = 1500/3000 = 0.5 so the angle is 30 degrees.
    For the time. convert 25 miles/hour to feet/sec. I get 25 mph x (5,280 ft/mi) x (1 hr/60 min) x (1 min/60 sec) = 36.67 feet/sec.
    Then distance = rate x time
    3000 = 36.67 x time
    time = ? in seconds.

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