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why do we classify things?

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    i think we do because we be better to understand them. we be able to compare different things like this and we be able to organize.

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    oh ok to be honest I didn't know

    thanks Mohammad ;)

    it would be kind of you of you reply my post below (Science 7R0

    I want to know if my answers are correct

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    sorry i not know that much science this was simple question but others be hard maybe u wait for science teachers to come online and they be help you.

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    That explain why some others teacher weren't replying.

    thanks anyway

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    To restate the answer by Mohammad (which is a good answer), when scientists (especially biologists and those in similar fields) talk about bacteria, plants, animals, etc., it is important that each know what to what the other person is referring. By having a classification based on certain criteria to which everyone in the world has agreed, it is possible to discuss a subject with one another and everyone is on the same page so to speak.

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    Thank You DrBob222!!! :)

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