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i have to make poster that show global environmental problem of present and future. i got to divide my paper into 4 seprate component and label air, water, soil, and forests and i have to draw 4-10 environmental problems in each component quarter, and on back of sheet i have to say what i do to help solve these problem. i not so good with the environment and how it works but here are some problems i get.



-Acid Rain

-transportation by automobiles

- burning in stationary resources, residential, commericial, industrial heating and cooling(burning of fossil fuels coal oil and natural gas make carbon dioxide which make temperature rise.

-global warming (species have to find different habitats) sea ice shrinking polar bears in trouble

-coal burning powerplants

-ozone layer(uv radiation)


-Harmful pollutants released in ocean rivers lakes like oils garbage


- farmers use agricultural chemicals in herbecides and pesticides

-pollutants thrown on land like landfills, garbage

-urbanization, industrialization

-desertification(vegetation nutrients removed)


-Wind patterns

-Preciptiationm levels

-Homes for people being destroyed

Solutions to these problems.

-drive less and drive smart

-use less heat air conditioning

-start walking

-help reduce paper waste



-energy efficient products and greener products

-plant a tree


-less hot water

-dont litter


-reduce reuse recycle

-global paper


not fresh water, i not understand groundwater. i not understand this meaning :Falling groundwater tables and diversion of surface supplies are the main causes of shortages. i also want to know what this mean :aquifers
I not know what these go under:
Use off switch
encourage others to conserve
change a light bulb

can i please get more things i need some more for soil and forests and water solutions and problems please.

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    Groundwater is carried in underground streams of water. Our wells go down to bring up groundwater. An aquifer is water that is contained under ground.

    Ways to conserve soil:
    Rotate crops so that the minerals are replenished
    Don't plow to prevent the wind from blowing it away.

    Way to preserve forests:
    Plant trees to replace trees that have been cut down.

    Water solutions:
    Don't plant lawns and crops in dry areas.
    Make sure that gas lines don't leak.
    Limit business and housing developments in dry areas.

    Your ideas are excellent!

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    thanks very much ms. sue :) i only got one problem for water what others there be? and i also not know what these go under Use off switch, encourage others to conserve ,change a light bulb

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    You're very welcome, Mohammad.

    Use off switch and change a light bulb are both ways to conserve energy. Electricity is often produced by fossil fuels.

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