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Do you guys go to a computer room at local place to go on the site and help students with their homework????

  • Jiskha -

    No. We all work on our personal computers -- mostly at home.

  • Jiskha -

    Oh ok but most of you guys are teachers from a school how do you guys go to school to teach while you guys are at jiskha???

  • Jiskha -

    Most of us are retired teachers and other professionals.

  • Jiskha -

    oh ok and then sometimes ou guys take a break to do something

    but one more question how come you teachers can type words in bold and we can't ????

  • Jiskha -

    We know the codes for making boldface, italics, underlining, and math symbols.

  • Jiskha -

    Oh Ok

    Thank You for answering all of my questions Ms. Sue!

    I hope you don't mind but I was curious and wondering.

  • Jiskha -

    You're welcome.

    No problem!

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