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All of these are triangles
Find the areas of the triangles

1. 8 is base and 5 is height
A=bxh divided by 2
8x5=40 divided by 2=20

2. 6 is base and 7 is height
A=bxh divided by 2
7x6=42 divided by 2=21

3. 12 is base and 5 is height
A=bxh divided by 2
12x5=60 divided by 2=30

4. 11 is base and 6 is heigt
A=bxh divided by 2
11x6=66 divided by 2=33

5. 3 is base and 4 is height
A=bxh divided by 2
3x4=12 divided by 2=6

6. 15 is base and 9 is height
A=bxh divided by 2
15x9=135 divided by 2=67.5

1. 20
2. 21
3. 30
4. 33
5. 6
6. 67.5

Is ALL of these correct?

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    You can do all but the last in your head easily. Simply divide whatever of the base or height is even by two, then multiply by the other.
    5. 3 is base and 4 is height
    3*2 = 6

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    All these are either rectangles or squares

    1.Rectangle. 5 is length and 10 is width

    2.Square. 5 is length and 5 is width

    3.Rectangle. 6 is length and 8 is width

    4.Square. 10 is length and 10 is width

    5.Rectangle. 40 is length and 20 is width


    1. 50
    2. 25
    3. 48
    4. 100
    5. 800

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    The size of houses and buildings are measured in square feet. If you measured the outside length and width of a house and found the length was 60ft. and the width was 30ft., what is the size of the house in square feet?
    60x30 and I got 1800ft

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    post it.

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