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you have 100.0-mL graduated cylinder containing 50.0 mL of water. you drop a 124-g piece of brass (density =8.56 g/cm^3) into water. to what height does the water rise in the graduated cylinder

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    mass = volume x density
    124g = volume x 8.56
    V = ?
    The brass will displace its volume so the water will rise from 50.0 mL to 50.0+ V.

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    so whats the V

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    we are looking for =cm^3

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    I substituted the numbers into mass = volume x density. All you need to do is to solve for volume (in mL which is the same as cc).

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    so now would i do this 124g/8.56 and whatever i get i add it to 50.0

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