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What is the difference between a plant cell and an animal cell?

a. plant cell have cell wall a animal cell don't
b. a plant cell have cholroplast and a animal cell don't
c. plant cell have a huge vacuole and a animal cell have a small vacuole
d. animal cells have lysosomes but a plany cell doesn't

I can't find the last one.

Please Help!

Thank You! :)
PS: am I correct on the first 4 tho?

  • Science 7R Q2 -

    maybe something about the shape of them. like a plant cell is usually rectangular and animal cells are round

  • Science 7R Q2 -

  • Science 7R Q2 -

    A plant cell is more square (or rectangular) shaped and has rounded corners due to it's cell wall where as the animal cell is more rounded (and sometimes irregular) due to the lack of a cell wall.

  • Science 7R Q2 -

    But thank you lidia and thank Ms. Sue for info. I'm going to keep it as a study tool! :)

  • Science 7R Q2 -

    You're welcome, Laruen.

    Are you going to post your letter to Dr. King?

  • Science 7R Q2 -

    Oh don't worry I got it covered my parents already checked it.

    Bye Ms. Sue! :)
    Have a wonderful night! :)

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