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What does it mean to evaluate the information that is revealed about a news sources? I am doing a assignment on compare and contrast esay on the difference between newspaper and news broadcast, and it is one of the questions. Do I evaluate the the person doing the news or the news that they are talking about? just confused.

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    You need to evaluate the person or organization that gave the newspaper or broadcast the information. For instance, if the news about a candidate came from a representative of that candidate, it might be far different than information that came from his opponent.

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    So how do I figure out where the newscaster or reporter got the information? This is confusing to me I understand that my essay is about Compare and Contrast but the evaluating part of sources is hard to understand. Wait, so the information from the newspaper may be very different then the information that the news on tv got?

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    Usually the news reporter tells where s/he got his information.

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    Thank you, Ms. Sue.

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    You're welcome, Jazmyne.

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