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Please let me know if I understand this correctly.
Find the slope and the y-intercept of each equation:
1)y-9x= 1/2
+9x= 1/2 + 9x
y= 1/2 + 9x
slope:9; y-intercept: 1/2

+6 +6
2y=3x + 6
- -
2 2
so then: y=3x+3

3) -2y=6(5-3x)
-2y= 30-18x
- --
-2 -2
so then: y=-15-18x
(slope: -18; y-intercept: -15)

Thank you!!!!!!

  • Math-Linear Equations -

    1) correct, but the usual form is y=mx+b, so you'd have y=9x + 1/2

    2) you forgot do divide 3x by 2. y = 3/2 x + 3

    3)You're getting things mixed up. Don't try to rearrange things in your head.

    -2y = 30 - 18x
    -2y = -18x + 30
    y = 9x - 15

  • Math-Linear Equations -

    Thank you so much - that clears it up for me!!! It's just been awhile since I've done this.

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