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An apple is placed 17.0 cm in front of a diverging lens with a focal length of magnitude 23.2 cm. What is the image distance i of the image of the apple through this lens?
What is the magnification of the image of the apple?
Wwhich of the following statements are true and which are false?
The image of the apple is:
behind the lens?
unchanged in size?

  • Physics -

    Learn to use the lens (and mirror) equation:

    1/Do + 1/Di = 1/f

    The object distance is Do = 17.0 cm in your case.

    The focal length is 23.2 cm in this case.

    Solve for image distance Di

    The magnification is |Di/Do|
    (note absolute value signs|.

    Di will be negative in this case. That means the image is virtual, and not inverted.

  • Physics -

    An entomologist examines a bug by holding a magnifying glass at arm’s length and 10.0 cm away from the bug. The magnifying glass has a focal length of 15.0 cm. Find the image distance and the magnification

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