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Is hereditary diseases and genetic diseases the same?


    A genetic disorder is an illness caused by abnormalities in genes or chromosomes, especially a condition that is present from before birth. Most genetic disorders are quite rare and affect one person in every several thousands or millions.

    A genetic disorder may or may not be a heritable disorder. Some genetic disorders are passed down from the parents' genes, but others are always or almost always caused by new mutations or changes to the DNA. In other cases, the same disease, such as some forms of cancer, may be caused by an inherited genetic condition in some people, by new mutations in other people, and by non-genetic causes in still other people.

    Some types of recessive gene disorders confer an advantage in certain environments when only one copy of the gene is present

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    it does thanks


    The above information is from Wikipedia's article about Genetic Disorder.

    Laruen -- please remember to cite your sources.


    Ms. Sue please remember that I can't put the site on this website!

    Besides you she or he probaly know that that I got it from wiki.

    Your Welcome Jahnay! :)
    PS: I'm only in the 7th grade ;)
    I think I'm going to learn this idk....


    But the next time I write

    I hope this "info" I found helps.


    Laruen, you can't copy a website here. But you can write exactly what I did: The above information is from Wikipedia's article about Genetic Disorder.


    That what I pretty much just said. I can't put the site I got the info from to this site because it would let me and you guys don't allow it.

    ok I'll write that next time I help someone's homework.

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