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I have this assignment for my fine art class. You see my art teacher was telling us about Martin Luther King on how he is a good man and how he died and more. Do for homework we have to write a thank you letter to them. It doesn't have to be long. My assignment is due on tuesday but I want to get started now because I don't want to do it in the last minute. The problem is that what should I write to him. I can't think of anything!

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    If you don't know what you thank Dr. King for, then you'd better learn a lot about this great man.,_Jr.

    Before the Civil Rights Laws were passed, I overheard a local white business owner here in Michigan say that she couldn't hire a black clerk because she'd lose her customers! Thank goodness, she later was forced to hire people, no matter their race.

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    Well I could say thank dr. king for stopping the.... i don't know whatever he did to make black and white people together.

    thanks for the info tho

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    Ms. Sue have you heard of juniper young writers

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    Laruen -- concentrate on your homework assignment. What are some things that you can thank Dr. King for?

    Read! Read! Read! Think about what your life would have been like if you had been born before the Civil Rights Movement changed so much for black people.

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    Please read this article very carefully.

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    Thank You for the info. Ms. Sue

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    Btw my art teacher said that it doesn't have to be long it could be like 2-3 sentences or a 5 sentence paragraph.

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    You're welcome. I'm sure you can write a good 5-sentence paragraph. :-)

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    Yup! :)

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    In the future when I'm done with it I'm going to revise and edit it. Then, I'm going to post it here to see if it's good to hand in.

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