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Write the equation of the ellipse in standard form: 4x^2-9y^2-40x+36y+100=0

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    That is not an ellipse. You cannot have x^2 and y^2 terms of opposite sign, for an ellipse.

    You have a hyperbola. Complete the squares for standard form.

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    okay, Thank you very much:)

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    wait, I still end up with the wrong answer. I end up with
    4(x-5)^2/-120 - 9(y+2)^2=-120

    9 can't go into -120

    My procedure:
    4(x^2-10x +4)-9(y^2 +4 +4)=-100+ 4(4)-9(4)
    (x-5)^2/-30 - ? 9 can't go into -120 evenly

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